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Production Scheduling

OptPro Modular Design.png

Do you aspire to lower operating costs, reduce waste, and minimize changeovers and inventory, all while making better use of your production capacity and serving your customers better?

Does your manufacturing operation involve a high mix of products that requires extensive changeovers, labor, and equipment that is shared among multiple products?

Are your plant operations becoming too complex for one or two production schedulers to manage effectively?

Does your organization rely on tribal knowledge from an experienced scheduler, and the use of complex, unwieldy spreadsheets to schedule production?

Optimal Production Scheduling is the answer; it all starts with the right scheduling solution to increase throughput and optimally utilize your valuable assets.

The BBA approach was honed after many years of R&D, software design, and prior implementation experience at our parent company, OptTek Systems, which resulted in the OptPro solution for complex manufacturing operations.

Our proprietary approach simultaneously takes into account multiple business goals, as well as labor, materials, equipment, inventory, time, and capacity constraints, by combining mathematical optimization with a digital model of your manufacturing process to obtain truly optimal production schedules that can be implemented immediately on your factory floor.

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