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Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

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In today's world, customers demand faster delivery times at lower costs.  Planning and optimizing your supply chain can be a source of competitive advantage.  BBA can help.

With many years of experience designing models to optimize transportation networks, inventory management, distribution networks, and other aspects of demand and supply logistics, we can help you plan and optimize your supply chain.

Supply Chain Planning

We specialize in solving optimization problems in complex supply chains, including shipping operations, inventory management, demand forecasting, and demand and supply matching.


We have helped companies figure out how to minimize transportation costs for consolidated shipments of multiple products from production facilities ("supply nodes") to warehousing facilities ("transfer nodes") and to final retailers ("demand nodes") while ensuring on time delivery, complying with minimum and maximum on-hand inventory requirements, and satisfying customer demand across the supply chain. 


BBA experts also help companies with inventory management policy optimization, by optimizing the tradeoff between holding and shortage costs at supply, transfer, and demand nodes to minimize inventory costs across the supply chain.

Our experience spans across several industries, from oil and gas to food and beverage, to consumer packaged goods.

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