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And... We're Live!

As of today, Better Business Analytics (BBA) is in business! Spun-off from OptTek Systems, BBA will now service all of OptTek's commercial clients in the areas of production scheduling, supply chain planning, and business process optimization.

Who benefits from this change?

Our customers! As an independent company, we at BBA can now focus our full attention on you, no distractions. And as a leaner company, without the overhead, we can offer the same quality services and solutions at a lower cost.

Plus, OptTek benefits also! Our parent company can now focus its attention on its core business: government services.

But, wait: we benefit, too! We can now focus our full attention on the types of projects we are most passionate about, with a dedicated and experienced team of scientists, advisors, and software developers.

With the BBA spin-off, it's a win, win, win situation!

After months of strategic planning, legal structuring, securing current and new customers, putting in place an all-star advisory board, designing a new website, and hiring the best talent, Better Business Analytics (BBA) is live!

As a spin-off from OptTek Systems, Inc. (OptTek) we are grateful for the lessons, teachings, and incredible support we were provided during our tenure at our parent company. Thanks to that, we come with vast experience in providing consulting services and implementing cutting-edge technical solutions for optimal production scheduling and supply chain planning.

Now, as an independent company, BBA co-founders Marco and Dave are ready to offer our clients our full dedication. We can now be laser-focused on providing consulting and software solutions in production scheduling and supply chain optimization, without the distractions that came with our multiple other duties at OptTek.

As a leaner organization, we can provide the high-quality services our clients have come to expect, but at a lower hourly rate than they experienced before. Our engagement model is based on four main “pillars”:

Assess: we work closely with the client to define the problem they face, develop a vision for the ideal solution, and put together an implementation plan.

Pilot: develop a stand-alone prototype of the proposed solution, with the focus on technical functionality, comprehensively testing the solution in production, and keeping track of proposed new features and desired enhancements.

Integrate: work with the client to redesign business processes impacted by the solution, and design and guide the automation of data input and output capabilities, the user experience, and the integration of the solution with existing ERP and MES systems.

Deploy: if applicable, work with the customer to guide the deployment of the solution to additional sites or to a centrally located cloud environment.

The time-and-materials (T&M) approach to our new customer engagements will allow our clients the flexibility to dynamically changing requirements and a greater pace of innovation, while maintaining budgetary control every step of the way. To learn more about our engagement model, click here.


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