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Streamlining Transportation Costs in Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management

In the intricate web of the oil and gas industry, transportation costs can quickly spiral out of control without proper optimization strategies in place. We feature a case study based on a collaboration with a large oil and gas refinery and distribution company to shed light on the challenges and solution approaches to minimize transportation costs while ensuring efficient delivery of multiple products to distribution facilities.

The company faced the daunting task of navigating complex shipping routes, managing various capacities and speeds of leased ships, and balancing operational costs. This was a perfect fit for our OptPro solution which combines advanced analytics with a digital twin representation of the transportation process.

Our solution tackled the challenge head-on by optimizing ship assignments, scheduling daily port loading and unloading activities, and resolving logistical conflicts in real-time. The result? A remarkable 4% savings per barrel delivered, translating to over $2MM in monthly savings.

Beyond cost reduction, OptPro provided the company with invaluable foresight, allowing for the strategic repurposing of ships to maximize savings during certain periods. This success story underscores the transformative power of optimization technology in streamlining supply chain operations across industries.

From manufacturing plants to maritime operations,  our solution approach exemplifies its versatility in driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As companies continue to navigate the complexities of global supply chains, solutions like OptPro offer a beacon of hope for achieving sustainability and competitiveness in a dynamic market landscape.

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